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A Blog on Blogging

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One description of a blog from firstsiteguide.com is that a blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website in the reverse chronological order with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where the writer or group of writers share their views on an individual subject. The subject matter can range from recipes and fashions to sports and politics.

Like starting any project, you must first have an objective. What do you want the blog to do? Educate, inform, promote your business, etc. Who is your audience? What are they interested in? There are many type of blogs but they all share this challenge: blogging, like any other task that requires a series (more than one) on a regular basis, is easy to get started, but rather difficult and time consuming to keep it going. In all effective types of marketing, quality content is key: it must be strong, informative, interesting, and relevant.  Blogging is no exception. I can only comment on our type of blogging. Our blog is a segment of our website, is business and technology marketing-oriented, and has an eye-catching graphic relating to each post.

We started two years ago and as of today have approximately 2,500 followers. Our blogs cover all aspects of marketing. Our appeal is very vertical, that is focused on business and industry as opposed to general interest material. We cover topics such as Automation, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, How to use Public Relations, How to Use Alliances, Brand Development Strategy, How to Use Content Marketing Effectively, Budgeting, Distribution, Customer Service, to name just a few subjects.

We have extrapolated a few of the more popular blogs and put them into a booklet called, ”The Marketing Blogger’s Notebook.” It can be found on our website, www.cooperllc.net  In addition, we e-mail some of them to our corporate mailing list, and are in the process of posting them to social media sites, specifically Facebook and LinkedIn.

Whichever subject you choose, you must keep up with it. There are changes in every field and you may want to reflect them in your blog or use it to expand your subject matter. There are basics in every field that remain and there are new advances that should be addressed. Blogging takes work. Some bloggers post every week, every other week, or another schedule. You must create a schedule that will work for you and that you can sustain according to that schedule.

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