Focusing Pays Off!

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Focusing Pays Off!

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Picture this scenario: You are calling on a new client. You tell him all the things you company can do and he ask you this: “Of all the things you just mentioned, which one do you think you are the best at?”

You really don’t want to answer because if you say “A”, hi might say he is interested in “B”, and so on. Potential clients usually do not hold a “jack of all trades” in high esteem. They want to zero in on your specialty. You, however, feel the broader you can keep your capability list, the better off you are. Unfortunately, many potential clients do not see it that way. By not focusing, you appear to them as a generalist who does an adequate job in different areas.

Focusing can be applied to almost any profession or job. It shows a deep understanding of the subject matter, builds credibility for your position, and gives the potential customer a sense of confidence that you are a true professional. Focusing does not mean that you zero in on one area to the exclusion of all others. It means that you offer numerous capabilities but focus on one or two that you can readily support with your knowledge and expertise and that of your company.

No one says that focusing is easy. You almost know that for every potential customer you call on, some percentage will not want what you are highlighting. In the long run, however, through word of mouth, advertising, publicity, etc. you will become known for the one or two items that you highlight and people will associate you and your company with these unique capabilities.

For example, suppose you want to contact a landscaping company that specializes in tropical flowers and plants. They probably offer other types of landscaping services but this is their specialty and what they are most known for. Most of the other landscapers know them for that specialty also and recommend them on that basis. By now, I’m sure you have gotten the point. It takes more than a bit of courage to commit to focusing but in the long run, it will pay off handsomely.

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