Keeping up with Marketing and Industry Trends

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Keeping up with Marketing and Industry Trends

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Keeping up with Marketing and Industry Trends


As new trends appear on the market, it can be difficult for marketing managers to keep

track of the changes and implement them into their own strategies. While embracing these changes would be to their benefit, keeping up with all new trends can be overwhelming. For example, inbound marketing agencies exist to do research and detailed work involved in deciding which new inbound marketing trends to embrace and how to implement them into a business’s marketing.

While technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, many businesses still cling to traditional methods of operating.  Although it may be exhausting to keep up with  continually   shifting trends, it is the only way to keep competitive. Marketing trends are changing very fast and you must refine your strategies constantly if you want to stay ahead of the game. This should be done monthly.

Being Competitive

Prioritizing relationships will help you discover more sales opportunities and develop “go to” contacts for various types of expertise. When you need additional support, a trusted network of specialists is invaluable.

Identifying your team’s strengths and weaknesses, helps identify the skills each job requires compared to their actual skill level. This helps you determine if they have the expertise to do the job or will need additional training. Hiring “experts” externally is  not out of the question to fill gaps or complete your marketing team. Take advantage of training opportunities. This will help keep you and your team up to date on the newest trends. Keep tabs on your competitors, too, to see what ideas they’ve followed and what directions they are pursuing. It is critical to stay on top of industry trends to maintain your reputation as an expert, attract top talent, and continue to be successful.

Customer Feedback

Is that new trend working? One of the best ways to find out is to keep in touch with your customers. Find out how they are responding to some of these shifts. By gathering feedback, you can determine the success of a specific trend. Most importantly, you must be open to change or at least to new ideas and embrace them.


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