New Year’s Resolutions on Marketing

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New Year’s Resolutions on Marketing

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Every year we make New Year’s resolutions that we truly believe we will keep. Unfortunately, many of them go by the wayside soon after the new year begins. My question is, “Why can’t we make New Year’s resolutions about marketing?” Surely, there are things we want to do, things we want to change from last year, and new things we want to explore. So, let’s make a general list that could be applicable to most marketing providers.

What’s New?

A good place to start, might be to look at new products that need to be promoted.

At the same time, learn what the ultimate user is looking for and see if there is a match

to new products and technology.  Explore the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, all things digital, Artificial Intelligence, and each one’s role in the manufacturing process. The impact of new technology on existing production methods will, and already has, resulted in:

  • the creation of new products
  • the creation of products in a faster and more cost-effective way
  • the reduction of waste
  • improved quality    

This results in having more products and technology to market to potential users. The marketing paths we use may be established or may be new. We must suggest here that showing the benefit of a new product or technology usually results in a sale. In fact, it could be your competitive edge.

Digital to the Front

Since all digital marketing allows for greater interactivity between the provider and the client, the result is more effective marketing. Often, industrial buyers are looking for something very specific. In this case mass marketing does not work. Rather, a targeted,

niche-specific approach is needed…enter Digital Marketing. One of the things digital marketing can do is address very specific subject matter without sounding like a sales ad. This is Content Marketing. Another part of Digital Marketing is E-Newsletters that can be used to disseminate information about the company, its products, new orders, etc. Other segments of Digital Marketing include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and Website Creation.


In the coming year, we predict that digital marketing will continue to grow at a rapid rate. The most important benefit is…results! There are many books available about digital marketing, for example, The Digital Marketing Handbook, Digital Marketing Analytics, and Digital Marketing Strategies. There are numerous courses being offered on these subjects, as well. We suggest that one of your primary New Year’s resolutions be to get educated about digital marketing and if you are already a practitioner, learn even more. 

The New Year is a great time to review all your ongoing projects to see if you can strengthen any of them with new, available methods, processes or technology. In a time when marketing is more dynamic than ever, the status quo is out!  Now is the time to make YOUR New Year’s resolutions about marketing! And this time…keep them!!!