The Tale of the Two Technologies

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The Tale of the Two Technologies

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Tale of two technologies

Yes, there are two technologies…the first is used in manufacturing, the second is used in everyday operations.  

Technology in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing company’s search to create or add value, they are always searching for new technologies that either can stand alone or be used together with or combined with some existing form of technology. In any event, most all technology used in manufacturing makes a large contribution and is an integral part of the process. 

Technology as an Integral Part of Our Daily Lives

The second technology, is used in everyday operations such as computers, pagers, faxes, printers, scanners and cell phones. More than half of telephone land lines in our country have been replaced in whole or part by cell phones. Cell phone technology has skyrocketed and newer phones are able to process thousands of applications and link into computers. One task for every company should perform is to research all the technological products used in their offices and evaluate which of those directly helps the company, and if that help can be magnified by combining some of the products.  As simple a task as servicing computers and supporting them with programing and virus protection, could result in large savings. Some computer service and support companies also maintain their own data centers and can host web sites. Purchasing these services in one package or “bundling” them, can result in considerable savings over time.

What Does the Future Hold?

What about futuristic technology? Where does it come from and how is it used? One of Boeing’s new airplanes uses carbon reinforced plastic instead of aluminum for the body covering. The savings in weight and gas expense are projected to be substantial. Carbon fiber technology also finds application in sails for sailboats and as a major component in skis adding new versatility to both applications. Keeping abreast of new technological innovations in your industry and in other industries will give you a definite edge.

The looming question is can new and existing technology-based products raise your company’s performance level and create a bottom line breakthrough? Absolutely yes! The opportunities are infinite.

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