Why Do We Love the Status Quo?

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Why Do We Love the Status Quo?

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Status Quo

It’s comfortable. Making changes means more work. If all appears to be going well, leave it alone. Fortunately for us, not all companies buy into this thinking. There are game changers and risk takers. And for the most part, they all are doing well.

You may have an internal marketing department staffed by some very talented people. They are charged with developing programs to promote your products or services in today’s environment.  Rarely, are they afforded an opportunity to look to the future and see how much better their efforts could be. With a modification here and a tweak there, lo and behold a new program appears that is dramatically better than the past ones. Sometimes, it all can be accomplished internally. Most times, outside help is required because of a lack of bandwidth and the need for a fresh perspective.

Bringing a marketing organization onboard that is skilled in working solely with the business and technology communities can enhance your existing sales and marketing efforts. Some benefits might include new thinking, necessary objectivity, new product or service positioning, and a new creativity in graphic and content direction. Also, it can validate your existing audience or expand it to include new audiences and possibly new markets.

They may also survey your existing customers to find out why they are working with you other than price. The answers in many cases we are sure, will surprise you. Their rationale for being your customer may be quite different than what you think. Even in a small sample, we usually find some consensus. These fundamental business elements  could be the basis of a new appeal to other similar companies to attract new business.

We suggest you re-examine outsourcing not to replace your existing marketing department but to complement it and by so doing, expand its creative range.

 As you are aware, marketing is changing at a dramatic pace. Something new comes on the scene almost daily. Managing this change while working at your given position, is a dauting task.

Outside help could make a difference.


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